Thursday, June 23, 2022

Getting things done.

Lots of things to do this week!

Lots of things are moving forward too!

The hourglass quilt is off to the long armer's. 

I usually quilt my own but that top has so many seams,

I thought I'd let them have the fun. 

Thanks to my sew friend for a consult, the 

final setting for my sashed color squares is set too.

I can start getting the lattices on. 

I spent a lovely evening last nite,

 listening to some old classic feel good TV shows and working 

on cream and white lattice blocks for the color string 

star quilts. I have blocks started for 3 quilts and

they need lots of cream and white corners. 

The string stars RSC quilt needs a dark blue star , 
so blues are stringing up too. 

My goal for next month is definitely going to be

getting these tops together.  I used my last back so 

I need to have an evening of stitching blocks together 

for back so I can do some layering. I do have lots of 

batting now so that wont stop me from getting them layered. 

We are having a few rainy days so I will have 
lots of time in my cozy sewing room.
The drizzle will keep my perennials safe 
from my shovel.  I always keep moving 
the plants around when they outgrow their locations.

I wish everyone a great week ahead!
Stay safe and sew on !

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ta Da!

 A gloomy day here in Alberta, but we are 

getting some much needed moisture so a 

good day to get things done. 

First, we had to go save a newly planted tree. 

Rain and wind pelted us as we strung up supports

so it was a morning adventure. 

Yesterday, was a beautiful, bright day and perfect for

photographing my finished top!  

Here it is, my hourglass top complete!

I did go with the second round of darker 

blues and it has finished to a lovely 87 x 89 flimsy.

The photograph was taken right outside 

my summer sewing room. 

The planting of Morgenrote Berginia, ferns

and 2 colors of Bleeding Heart have 

really flourished with the replacement of 

the solid fence with chain link!

This quilt may be a wedding quilt for my great nephew!  

Possibly a family quilt since I seem to have

enough extra hourglasses to build a lighthouse!

I was an Auntie at 12 years old so it is 

kind of cool to have a great nephew!!

Next up is another couples quilt, the 

sashed color square.  I need 25 blocks 

and have 20 at the finish line so it is really coming along!

 Dark blue blocks are finished up and 

most recent addition of yellow makes it 

sparkle and enhances the other colors . 

Right now, I am working on the black squares. 

Then on to at least  one orange and a few browns. 

I may have a few left over for the next one but 

I do have to optimize the color combination. 

Each color square is made up of 4 diagonal 

stripped 8 1/2" colored blocks . 80 inches of 

color and sashing at 1 1/2" should let me 

finished it up at a nice 87" square.

This morning's Sew Social with a friend 

should see more progress.

Stay safe and sew on!


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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Blue on Blue!

 June is sure whizzing by!

Warm weather and a friend's 75 party 

make for an almost normal summertime!

This month's RSC color is blue so I get to share a cute picture. 

This adorable model is wearing a zippered back

sweater made by a family friend. It is generously 

sized so will be wearable for a least 2 years. 

The summer sewing room is seeing lots of 

blues lately as the hourglass top is nearing completion!

It will finish at a nice 84 x 87 inches. 

I may relent and make it just a bit larger. 

It will then go into the vault to wait for quilting. 

I will need to get busy and pick up some batting !

The blue round is ready to go on but the zen 

quilting and a bit of miscounting, has left me with a lot 

of extra 1/2 squares.  It is a good thing my guild lotto

block can use them !

First tho, I have to do some repair on my featherweight foot. 

 It started  sewing all by itself.

That wouldn't be too bad but it doesn't know the pattern! 

I want to finish off this post with a few quilts

my friends have completed.

Surrounded by so much talent is very inspirational!

(Pattern by Barbara Lavallee )

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

May goal! Just chased UFOs!!

Once again , I came late to the party. 

So this post is a finished up and goal for June combined.

  A great trip and star obsession lead me 

far away from my goals. Not only that, 

I sold the end of my batting bolt to a friend as 

I knew I wouldn't need it!!!

So here is what I did get done!

Four little star tops done up and ready to store. 

One lovely semi postage stamp top is

complete, (the squares are larger, finish at 2").

2 lovely blues blocks done for the family 

color square quilt, and

enjoyed an amazing train ride thru the Canadian Rockies ,

Did you notice my blue blocks are the same color 
as the train's glass ceiling, and the Colombia River?!?

I even got the green round for the rainbow hourglass

just about done. 

We returned just in time for all the flowering trees 

in town to bloom. This large one in our yard is really 

fragrant as the sun begins to set. 

I will still count this as win since my vault of 

tops is full up!!!

June will be finish up month , lots of 

tops coming out of the closet for quilting!

 Stay safe and sew on!

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Monday, May 30, 2022

Set the Timer!

This week will be a catch up 

week, recovering from a fantastic 

train trip thru the Rocky mountains.

 A recent influx of scraps has 

made me very happy but a bit overwhelmed. 

Never fear tho, the blog verse will provide. 

I have a good friend and we chat every morning 

and go thru  a few blogs to see news and new ideas. 

We ran into ... SCRAP VORTEX

 This should come with a bit of an echo. 

It may really help with my scrap load!

It is basically crumb quilting but uses only right angles. 

The lack of other angles definitely creates a different look!

The original post came from 2015, and although the maker

has retired from blogging, there is still lots of info on her site. 

My plan is to work on this project every day I am sewing!!

 I am going to try  crumb blocks using on triangles also

since I seem to accumulate cut offs at an alarming rate!

An ambitious idea but I can do it!  A fifteen minute 

goal will help get me started. Once it is moving along , 

I will try to incorporate it into my Stop and Gos.  A bit 

under the needle at each beginning and ending will certainly 

cut down on rethreading! 

 My little singer only has a human needle threader! 

I've pulled out a shoe box of scraps to cut 

and the remainder will be the start of the vortex.

I started this morning with a 15 minute sort.

The job is not done tho, until the bits sorted are 

sewn or in proper storage , almost there!

I do have 2 stacks of pieces to use as starters 

for some wonky log cabins or crumbs. 

They are small but too many to discard. 

I am finishing up the greens too! 

I am doing some zen quilting so I don't always count

how many blocks I need. A bit more sewing for 

the bottom row, some mixing to get good variety

and this round can be finished! One more to go!

June's RSC is blue so I did up bunch of blue

string blocks for my in progress family quilt.

Figured out that a lot of my design boards are 

9 inches so I can lay out my squares without a 

ruler underneath for a guide. To make the job even 

easier, I used tape as a guide on my larger boards. 

We are always learning aren't we!

To top everything off, another young

friend is engaged so there is another wedding

quilt to work on! 

I am moving up to the summer sewing room!

The trees are all blossoming and the air smells

delightful. Happy sewing as we move into summer

and on to the blues!

A quickie stash and sew report is due. 

Let's see how I did! 

So the total for April for stitching is:

First up , my sewing time.

Jan  23/31

Feb 19/28

Mar 27/31

Apr 15/30

May 23/31

70% success so far!


Used last week:           0 m
Used year to date:     55 m
   Added last week:            0.0 m
Added year to date:      57 m

Net added in 2022      2 m 

 I am trying to get moving forward with lots of projects and 
I certainly have a lot to choose from.

Stay safe and sew on !

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Cleaning Up and Moving On!

 A wild week of  sewing made a 

huge mess of my sewing area,

requiring  a big clean and vacuum.

 Next up is some big greens!

My Lady of the Meadow UFO came out.

Unfortunately, it seems to be unsuccessful,

 (read , "I don't like it). 

The sample will go off 

to the block bin and the 1/2 squares may become a border

for my flying geese blocks.


 There are 24 of these 12" beauties 

just waiting for a good flock to join. 

The hourglass quilt is ready for another round. 

I managed to find some more neutral 

backgrounds to compliment the greens.

 A few more big string 

stars are on the list as well as some green 

half squares for 

the triangle strings rainbow quilt.

There is another project pair to complete too. 

The green squares for a sashed color block

were finished last week. 

The new member of the family receiving this pair

is due to arrive in September so I will continue 

working on the additional colors!

I also have a family request for a

Christmas quilt!  Woot woot!  

Lots to do and the weather is getting nicer

so the summer sewing room may pop up shortly!!!

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Monday, May 9, 2022

Filling up the Vault!

 The raid on the block bank was very successful. 

There are now seven more tops to go into the vault!

My storage closet of tops to quilt is getting quite crowded!

Five are children's tops (40" x 40") from wonky stars 

and 2 1/2" squares. 

The blue, red and pink ones have already 

been displayed but the yellow and orange 

are a worth a look!  

The colors are not quite as bright in the photos. 

One is made of the last of the pinks from 

April that were swirling around my sewing table. 

It is a very organic top, with the alternating columns

made from found strips from the scrap bag. 

The last is a 50" x 70" top made from my stock 

of 5 x 5 blocks. 

 It may end up with an inner frame 

and larger outer border of larger squares. It would 

also work being quilted up and 

bound with a saucy black binding. 

Next up on the schedule is pulling prints for backs. 
Then it  will be on to work on green blocks for the 
triangle rainbow quilt, 

and starting the 
borders for the big string stars quilts. 
The rainbow hourglass needs a round
of green also! 
Lots of sewing fun ahead for me!
Stay safe and sew on!

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