Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Old Mother Hubbard-Almost!

 Almost!!! My cupboard is getting bare!!

A self imposed delivery deadline had me

sewing up a storm. Yes I apologize Florida, 

but that was me! 

I had a few smaller quilts that needed finishing 

to go off to a local charity.  Thinking I had plenty of 

lead time I had a relaxing evening choosing backings,

cutting some batting and laying out for pinning. 

All pinned and ready for quilting!

Next day, the quilting begins, and I spend a great 

afternoon and evening listening to only happy tv shows

and putting my machine thru its paces with some grid 

quilting and in the ditch work.  

A wonderful morning walk and the notice that,   

the pickup is early afternoon!! Not one day more day,

but in 6 hours!!! Argh!

So complete the walk and head to the sewing room!

Three quilts to make and sew on binding, one to rinse, 

(don't eat cookies while you fold) and all four to label!

First pick the binding fabric. No time for a scrappy today

and certainly no creative brain when I'm in get it done mode. 

Yardage here we come. 

Well maybe a large scrap or two since the 

quilts are smaller. 

First some nice pink for a sparkly star!  

Then a pop of blue for a crib sized coin quilt.  The RSC  really

got a few scraps in play in my sewing mecca over the past year!

Then back to pink for another crib sized pink and beige beauty. 

Quicky cutting of 2 1/2" strips and I was in business.

 Have I told you lately that I love my 60mm cutter! 

 I really zips thru the fabric and seems faster somehow!  

Next up, join, join, join and make some nice piles of bindings strips.

Trimming off all the overlaps makes a 

nice pile of scraps for some more wonky star points!  

Definitely some crib and twin sparkly star

quilts coming next year!

All the binding got a lovely press on the board using the 

corsage pin method and a nice burst of steam. 

I was so glad I had trimmed everything the night before. It 

certainly felt good to get right to adding the binding to the back.

Then flip it over and using the clips to hold it, 

top stitched it all down with my foot to the floor!

Those clips were flying around the room !
Even changing thread colors didn't slow me down!

I used some cute labels from the overflowing box and 
put a, "Hugs from my home town" on each one and done!
Here they are! It was certainly a great year 
for my Rainbow Scraps! 

Blue crib sized with a double batting
to give it extra cuddle since I ran out of flannel. 
I just noticed one block says "Love".

Pink crib sized coin with a cute lavender flannel backing. 

The last of the wonky stars and postage stamps
quilts with the palest of 
yellow squares on flannel for the backing.

A bit of a marathon stitch but I  was done in
 time for 1 o'clock drop off!
The  quilting group had a great time looking
 thru the donations in our
own mini quilt show!

All counted, 20 quilts will go to comfort  someone. 
They are off to the Zebra child and youth advocacy center. 
This organization gifts about 400 quilts a year.

Busy days!  
Stay safe and sew on!

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Monday, November 7, 2022

Oh My Marie!

 It has been awhile since I did more sorting 

but I did go down that rabbit hole this week! 

Have you heard of the book, "If you give a Moose a Muffin"?

Well that is what happened.

It was time for my morning egg on toast soo..

I opened the cupboard with the oil and knocked over the 

tooth pick cup. 

I replaced the toothpicks and reached for the vegetable

oil but a really old olive oil jar was in the way. 

Then I noticed a container of poultry seasoning that 

I remember fell onto the floor during the holidays and 

spilled so I reached to the middle shelf to get the extra spices

and that was it. Onion powder needed refilling, 

as did Italian seasoning.

All the labels on the spice carousel were almost illegible sooo...

I got out the blue tape and a marker and went at them. 

Of course I found some mystery spices on the second shelf, 

as well as a bag of cinnamon bark that looked questionable, 

so out it went onto a plate to go to the compost.

  I think one unlabelled jar held ground cloves 

but I didn't want to end up with a Christmas 

of cumin cookies instead of ginger bread so off it went. 

Then there was a mistake of grinding up the rosemary leaves with

 some coriander that wasn't right so that went in the heap too.  

There was some pink salt, it joined its mates on the back of the stove,

a mysterious packet of some red stuff that might have been from 

an old BBQ spice gift set, 

but that was salvaged to go off to compost and the foil recycled,

and finally the ancient bottle of olive oil that 

will go on to live as callous softener. 

Look how empty this is!

All the extras are here.
( Do I really need that large box of cream of tarter!?)

Even the odd door spices got a rework with the likes combined.
(2 jars of Chinese 5 spice!)

I did discover 2 more packets of Italian seasoning mix, 

an extra Mrs. Dash and more black pepper and black pepper corns 

than we can use in a century.  I think I will try it as dog and 

cat repellant for some of my more delicate plants out back. 

Maybe I could even mix up mosquito deterrent with it!

I found a one liter container of dried parsley, (what were we

thinking!) but that will recycle well so no problem there. 

So  I will take the win on this sort and enjoy my newly 

labels spices and some nice oniony scrambled eggs. 

Stay Spicy!!

Love the binding!


  Quite a few smaller 

quilts were stitched up in the last little

while and all of them are getting a nice binding. 

First up are more  Stars and Stamps. 

I  do love this little pattern and I'm 

sure this will not be the last time I sew it up.

 The next ones may be 

crib or twin sized since it is so much fun 

to do the postage stamps bits around the stars.

Three were finished up: 

the orange

the pink and 

the red. 

 Finally, I seem to have mastered the art 

of machine binding. 

The secret seems to be a really good trim. 

A final stay stitch around the perimeter of 

the quilt sandwich makes it quite nice 

to add the binding to the back by machine. 

Then it is folded over and stitched down by machine from 

the front. This makes the finish oh so sturdy and fast to complete. 

I use my blind hem foot to help maintain 

my seam line on the binding strip.

The Canadian Quilt Guild Network 

had a free sew day and offered me 

a chance to sew all day and meet new friends.

We managed to have great conversation and chat 

about guild challenges and solutions and even exchange

ideas for ... more quilts!! Visit their link as 

they are a great resource for teachers and ideas. 

I did get one more quilt finished up in the morning. 

The pink pillars got a horizontal quilt pattern and 

a nice pink binding. 

 Now all I have to do is sew on labels 

and get them over to our charity contact. 

My goal for November involves even 

more binding on the Big String Stars

and hopefully a gorgeous Christmas Quilt 

for my SIL similar to this Blast from the past.

I even managed to do a bit more Marie sorting!

Stay safe and sew on !

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Friday, November 4, 2022

Oh Christmas! Old and New!

The 300th linky party over on Wednesday Wait Loss,

has got me thinking about Christmas past!

I try to change up the bed quilt every month and 

since it drastically became winter this week, 

the bed now has two winter quilts!  

My Winter Strings is on top and underneath is hiding:

A Christmas Jewel Quilt!

This quilt sat unfinished in the a bag after an 

overenthusiastic start on a magic tiles class.  

Preferring bed sized quilts, I was unsure how to enlarge and 

finish it until I stumbled a Missouri Star  easier magic tile

style tutorial. It would give me the same look 

with way less waste and stress. It became a finish in 2018. 

I love it but have never put  it into the blog. 

    The center is the magic tiles.

 It uses lots of gorgeous Christmas and seasonal fabrics with a 

touch of shiny stuff in each, so much fun to sew!

To finish up the outside and enlarge it overall,  I did a braid. 

MSQ cuts up the braid to make the magic tile like squares. 

Instead of cutting squares,

the side stayed braids and just the corners

were cut to make a bit of feature there. 

A double batting was used to give it the puffy, 

full look I love and the fabrics really shine. 

So much fun to show off this finish even after 

a few Christmases. I used a little ornament

scrap to add a small date detail to the back.

Stay safe and look forward to the Holidays!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November Goal, Year end Coming up Fast

October  whizzed by so I still have many goals for November. 

I will have 3 string stars back from the quilter and ready to bind.

One came back last month so it got a nice scrappy

binding last month. 

It has a crumb border. 

 I hope to have the next three done by month end.

My SIL , (who we all call Auntie? for some reason?),

has requested  a twin Christmas quilt so that is a big goal. 

I want to get that one in the mail by month end!

Wish me luck as we head in real winter here!!

Those are not happy little snowflakes!

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Monday, October 31, 2022

Trick or Treat !

No tricks here but lots of 

completed projects!! Here is my spooky helper!


I quilted like a fiend ( appropriate for the season),

and managed to finish up five quilts!

First up, number 1 of the 4 big string stars 

is complete and bound. 

This one has a nice crumb border and only a single batt.

I had it quilted at a shop since I have a quilt pass to use up. 

I like the all over star pattern.

The back is 20" squares from my stash. 

This always makes the quilt seem reversible so I really 

like this way of making backs. 

Next, the two Stars & Pieces quilts are 

quilted and bound. 

Such crummy delight all around.  I certainly will 
be returning to this way of using up my scraps.

 I had a great time quilting the center of each 

differently and using both my Janome 

machines.  One machine seized up in the middle and 

went out to an overdue repair and cleaning. 

The first center got a Karen Brown , Just 

Get it Done Quilter treatment with randomly

placed lines from side to side. 

 The second got a large grid sewn thru the color blocks. 

I may go back in and add another level. This looks a 
bit sparse. 

These crumb blocks and stars turned out 

sew well , they may become a go to for me. 

I think I already have a few crumb blocks 

in waiting and I regularly add to the star stash pile. 

More stars showed up and I quilted the teal blue

Stars and Stamps baby quilt. 

I put a lovely yellow zig zag on the back, it is so cuddly. 

Such a joy to quilt, 

I pulled out some others and got 

them all underway at once! I have a small stash 

of flannel that was awaiting a good home. 

Three more of the Stars and Stamps 

are pinned up, (red, pink, and orange) as well 

as the pink pillars large crib sized quilt. 

Last but not least was  red coin crib sized quilt.

This got a vertical treatment with division lines on the 

red and a nice pattern on the beige dividers! 

All inside pictures today since it is a bit cold and gloomy 

outside today, but inside my house is covered in quilts!

Stay safe and sew on !

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