Monday, November 7, 2022

Love the binding!


  Quite a few smaller 

quilts were stitched up in the last little

while and all of them are getting a nice binding. 

First up are more  Stars and Stamps. 

I  do love this little pattern and I'm 

sure this will not be the last time I sew it up.

 The next ones may be 

crib or twin sized since it is so much fun 

to do the postage stamps bits around the stars.

Three were finished up: 

the orange

the pink and 

the red. 

 Finally, I seem to have mastered the art 

of machine binding. 

The secret seems to be a really good trim. 

A final stay stitch around the perimeter of 

the quilt sandwich makes it quite nice 

to add the binding to the back by machine. 

Then it is folded over and stitched down by machine from 

the front. This makes the finish oh so sturdy and fast to complete. 

I use my blind hem foot to help maintain 

my seam line on the binding strip.

The Canadian Quilt Guild Network 

had a free sew day and offered me 

a chance to sew all day and meet new friends.

We managed to have great conversation and chat 

about guild challenges and solutions and even exchange

ideas for ... more quilts!! Visit their link as 

they are a great resource for teachers and ideas. 

I did get one more quilt finished up in the morning. 

The pink pillars got a horizontal quilt pattern and 

a nice pink binding. 

 Now all I have to do is sew on labels 

and get them over to our charity contact. 

My goal for November involves even 

more binding on the Big String Stars

and hopefully a gorgeous Christmas Quilt 

for my SIL similar to this Blast from the past.

I even managed to do a bit more Marie sorting!

Stay safe and sew on !

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  2. What beautiful quilts!
    Brr, snow!

  3. Stamps and Stars - what beautiful ways to be scrappy! Love those quilts.

  4. nice use of stars and alliteration!

  5. They all look great! Super job! For me the key in machine sewing binding is getting that first part sewn extremely straight; then, pressing everything into place before clipping and then sewing. All of these lend to a straighter binding and therefore a straighter stitch-down. I kind of enjoy the whole process unless the quilt is really big and heavy!

  6. What a fabulous group of quilts! I love all the bright colors.

    1. Thank you ! They are very happy little quilts!

  7. LOVE, Love, love those stars and stamp blocks. I'm guessing the stamps are 2.5" unf.? I bet I could copy your idea some day. (Yea, a million other projects ahead but I just love the look of these three quilts and the idea of using up a lot of one color...). Why, oh why did I think you lived in California. Wrong state and wrong country. Sounds like you had a great week of getting quilts done. Hope this week is another winner on finishing off quilts.

    1. We live in cold, cold Alberta Canada. 8"of snow on the ground , great quilting weather!! I did finish more this week , it was like a foot race tho!

  8. Lovely scrappy quil;ts and the stars add just enough interest. xx

  9. Love those pretty, scrappy quilts! I like your pillars too. I like to machine bind now too. I'll have to look and see which is my blind hem foot and try it. Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

    1. Thank you , I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

  10. Yes, I love those quilts! The stars really pop! Did you create this pattern or is it available for purchase? Thank you for sharing the binding tips!

  11. This isn't really a pattern. I made wonky stars that I saw on Missouri star quilting channel. I really got carried away one cold winter's covid nite and made a large stack. Then I needed a border for some crumb blocks , that's in last week's post. The little stamp and stars happened when I thought the plain postage stamp color family quilts needed spicing up and I had a bunch of the star blocks on hand. The postage stamp blocks are 2 1/2" cut and the stars are 6 1/2 cut ( mine always turn out a bit smaller but I just creatively press and take a bit wider seam on joining a few of the postage stamp blocks to make it fit. Have fun! I am going to do some lap size one next year!

  12. Yes indeed, your stars and stamps are definitely winners! Each one brimming with colour

  13. Love these cuties. I especially love the green sparkles in the orange quilt. Great touch. ;^)

  14. I LOVE these!! what a great idea to make them so colorful with pops of stars~!!!!

  15. Such beautiful quilts! Four finishes this week--you must be smiling from ear to ear. Thanks for sharing on my weekly linkup and show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  16. great job on all of your finishes,such beautiful cheerful colors!

  17. These are beautiful quilts! I love the stars surrounded by the stamps. They add so much interest to the scrap quilt.