Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2021 in Review!

 Wow, it has been a crazy year! 

Take a look at my finishes. 

Just a few are in my collection!

I do try to gift for occasions and really

enjoy the process!

Enjoy the show! 

Linking up to 

Patchwork & Quilts Year end show!

Needle and Thread Thursday!

Berries and Cream 
84 x 84 

46 x 54 
Double batting, nice and fluffy!

Stretched Stars   80 x 84
Gifted for a 60th Birthday

The last of the florals . 
Gifted to a gardening friend so she can 
have flowers all year. 

One of the final florals. 
Donated to the Zebra Society

String stars. One of my favorites
Gifted to the Calgary RT at south campus.
85 x 85

Florals for my Sewing buddies. 
4 of 8 total!

45 x 45
Purple fun for an arriving baby!

83 x 84 Big Block Color
Off to an RN in BC

This grad quilt is totally reversible.

This side is Christmas with three borders. 

This grad quilt is totally reversible. 
Measures 80 x 87
The other side
is colored string blocks. It certainly depleted
my string block stash!

Blues for Baby  60" x 60" Flannel Back 
5 oz poly batting 

38" x 43" minky back no batting

40" x 46" 5 oz batting

38" x 46" 5oz batting

49" x 53" 5 oz batting

38" x 53" Minky back no batting

Curved Log Cabin 1996-2021 
83" x 99" single 80/20 bat


Bali Knot 68"  x 70" 
5 oz poly batt

Baby rag time 

Charlie's Hearts
single 5 oz batt
54" x 62"

Baby green log cabin

Large log cabin 85 x 90
double bat 5 oz poly  & 80/20 cotton
These two are off to a climber and his 
family. Thanks for holding onto my son's rope!

Baby purple crazy patch

Pink Baby floral

Friendship star, flannel backed.

Lattice crib with beige flannel

Crib size Panel with flannel back

Crib circle with flannel back

Mountains!  85 x 90
double batt 5 oz poly  & 80/20 cotton
Another climbing buddy who supports my son!

Baby Mountains

Cambridge Bay #1
single needle punch batt
56" x 72"

Cambridge Bay #2
single needle punch batt
59" x 72"


  1. Congrats on a stellar year of quilt finishes, Deb!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Retired with covid so my time is my own!
      So great to plan my own activities and schedule.
      Stay safe and sew on !

  3. Wow, beautiful collection of quilts, you did well during this year!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)