Thursday, June 30, 2022

A Very Full Week

 Busy week with lots of stitching, 

visiting and dining!

Lovely dinner last nite with our chemist, 

back from presenting his project to 

corporate bosses in California. 

We visited local BBQ shop, 

and oh there was  so much meat!

A nearby church had a quilt show of their members' quilts. 
Some they had made, some were gifted and some were 
historical heirlooms. Looking thru the fabrics 
and reading the wonderful stories of these
cloth works was a delightful afternoon, well spent!

I was even gifted some gorgeous mini

blocks by a friend. They are adorable!

I've made great progress on my string 

stars and even prophetically stitched up 

enough strings for four purple ones!  Yay

(Rainbow scrap challenge for July is purple!)

The deep blues from June really make an impact too!

My block bank has enough center colored blocks for 

four quilts. After quizzing the family quilters, they al

agreed they would not be making string 

star quilts themselves.  I still need more solid cream string 

blocks and 1/2 blocks but already I've  made enough

large stars for one top! 

This is one of my block bank boxes. 

The date on the box is 2021.  Yes, I do color code the 

dates on my UFOs so I can tell when I last touched them!

It is so much fun to pull out the fixings 

and make up blocks/quilts.

The lattices were also sewn on the color sashed quilt 

this morning.

 A better name for this quilt is ......

Color Around the Block. 

It was fun to do and will be displayed on 

the railing for a while.

Stay safe and sew on !

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  1. the scrappy quilts look great and they always look so good displayed in a church for some reason don't they

    1. Something about the space really makes them pop! The calm and peaceful feeling is very relaxing and just makes the whole experience wonderful.

  2. Once again you have made some beautiful blocks and quilts just from strings. That must be why I keep dropping strings in a big paper bag I have. I really like the string stars. I might need to do some like that one of these days. Have a safe and happy 4th!

    1. I do love the strings! And the stars are just so effective! I may burn out (see what I did there!) after this bunch gets done. One for each of the kids and 1 for us!

  3. Beautiful blocks, fun time with family and yummy food makes life great!

    1. Exactly , we really have to appreciate what we have!

  4. I love all your stringy blocks - and those stars are especially gorgeous!

    1. I do love those stars! Have a great week!

  5. Such a lot of colour in your string blocks, the string stars are particularly stunning! Well done.

  6. PS. Meant to add, the quilt show at the church looks lovely, so much to see and admire.

    1. It was such a wonderful , peaceful afternoon.

  7. Wow, Color Around the Block is a beautiful string quilt! And I love your block bank idea, although you are far more organized than I am. The string stars are gorgeous too.

    1. That block bank let me just sew when the ideas or sewjo dries up a bit. Then I have lots to stitch together. Hopefully , I won't burn out on string stars, 4 more to go.

  8. Ah!! Color coding!! what a fantastic idea
    Now those string blocks - I just love how happy and colorful they are...

    1. The coding helps when you need to defend you ufo progress! It is fun to see how old they are ! We do love strings , don't we!

  9. I think the secret to being able to get so many scrappy quilts done is to be organized like you are! You're an inspiration. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. Being retired doesn't hurt either! I have a partner who is self sufficient so my time is my own. Thank you for hosting , I get so much encouragement visiting all the sites.

  10. What a lovely display of quilts at the church. It's always so interesting reading about them. Way to go, being so organized!

    1. It is fun isn't it , reading each quilter's stories. And we quilters do seem to like to organize things!

  11. What a gorgeous display! I love your strings, and your storage "banks" are incredible. The string stars are genius!
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  12. I am loving the string blocks. Now I am considering different borders for each one I do. It is so great that our hobby lets us change everything any time we want!