Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Retreat, Retreat!!

 Wow, just got back from my second retreat for the season, 

(sadly my last this year) and yowzah, I got loads complete!

First of the first of.. ( notice all those firsts?), the black crazy

log cabins top is complete. The zig zag border started on a 

beautiful fall day at Gull Lake, Alberta, was finished up 

on a beautiful fall day at Lake Isle, Alberta.

 It would be so nice if that was a trend but unfortunately, 

no more lake time for me. 

Sixteen inside blocs were joined using a scrappy sashing. 

Then, after an addition of a one inch frame, a scrappy zig zag

chases around the outside of the quilt.

Five inch squares were bisected and then the

 1 1/2" cut strip of random scraps were stitched down 

the middle and the block reassembled. 

Effective when done and fun to do!  

The corners were a bit fiddly but welcome 

assistance from the other retreaters got 

me on track and a cheeky corner treatment was added. 

One top done!

It even has a flange!

The second finish of the retreat 

was another RSC item, a yellow 

log cabin, court house steps arrangement. 

The previous retreat saw one top completed

but more blocks were needed for the second. 

They were finished up in the past week 

and the top itself was stitched first at the retreat since

we could chat and the layout was not too complex.

It will get caught up in the next wild

pinning frenzy and get shipped off 

to our local child's service charity, Zebra,

in December.  Discovering more yellows

hiding in a drawer, really helped to bump

up the tone from golds and orangey to 

yellow and bright.

  This top received 

many sunny compliments at show and tell time!

The second of the black crazy log cabin quilts

was assembled at retreat and time just ran out

before the border was complete. 

It was finished up in bit of a sewing afternoon, 

after a good nights sleep to recover from all the retreating!

The center squares were joined together

without a sashing, in a 5 x 6 arrangement. 

The border on this is a simple pair of the 

scrap pieced strips with mitered corners. 

There are enough blocks in the bank for 

two more of these black, scrappy wonders. 

I just need to come up with some border treatments. 

The original inspiration for these black tops is

an article in  QNM for the April 2002 issue. 

Janice Gunner is the designer. I, of course,

changed the pattern to fit my skill and resource levels. 

A  lesson reaffirmed while making up these 

tops is that scrap quilting makes for a lot of threads!

Stay safe and sew on !

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  1. I love your black crazy log cabin quilts! xx

    1. Thank you! I made so many centers I ended up with 104 full sized blocks. Only 2 more tops to stitch up!

  2. How fun to finish these tops with friends at a retreat! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  3. What fabulous rainbow scrappy quilts!!! The zig zag border is brilliant! And the yellow quilt--sunny and happy indeed!!!

  4. Absolutely love your Wonky Log Cabin quilt. I think the scrappiness of the rings of logs make it unusual and very striking next to that black background. It is amazing! And then your additions of sashings and flanges and borders fulfill the design elements to make it so very effective. ( Also have a love of retreats and am so happy you enjoy yours. ) Any chance you can give some hints on the log cabin blocks?

    1. Of course, I 'll do up a post on them , only 2 more to go!

  5. Oh yeah! Many times the scraps are given to me so yay, free fabric!

  6. Love those scrappy crazy log cabins!

    1. Thank you ! The black really makes the colors pop .

  7. Excellent work on your black crazy log cabins. I can't decide which I like better. They are both very stunning!

    1. Glad you like them , they are fun , and used up a lot of partial blocks and bits.

  8. Love the scrappiness of the crazy log cabins. Black always makes a great background for scraps.

    1. Black seems to be the new white, whatever that means?!?

  9. Fabulous crazy log cabins and zig zag border. Wonderful use of scraps that shine against the black. Love all your scrappy finishes.

  10. Holey Moley you got a lot done at your retreats! Love the zig zag border on your first crazy log cabin quilt !

    1. It sure helps to have someone cooking and cleaning!

  11. That is just so cool!!! I love the black settings so all those colors just really pop!!! Great quilt!!!

    1. Thank you. I think the designer has a book of them but I just fly by the pile of scraps and call it good!

  12. I like the crazy log cabin and especially like the zig zag final border!

    1. It was fun to do, I may have to do it again a different design scrap quilt.

  13. Your quilts are so interesting! The crazy log cabin blocks really pop with the black fabric background. The yellow quilt top is so bright and sunny, a lovely donation quilt. And yes, scrappy quilts make more of a mess than yardage quilts do. Happy stitching!

    1. It a beautiful mess tho, look at all that free fabric, just waiting to have a purpose!

  14. Those quilts just glow with happiness. They will make someone happy.

  15. wonderful place for scraps to shine - great quilts

  16. Ooooh the zigzag border is so fun, and pretty! Well done during the retreats, you did a lot! Congratulations on all these finishes, all very pretty!
    Thank you for sharing these beauties, and linking up ;)

  17. Retreat? No, you went on an advance!! I love, love, love the crazy logs and their setting.

    1. Thank you , they are certainly unique looking quilts.