Saturday, April 2, 2022

Weave some dreams


Can a UFO be called a squirrel?

This little block is called the Hatchet block but

I have always called it Weave, since the strings

seem  to weave in and out of each other. 

It was one of my go to blocks as a beginning, 
timid quilter.  I would do it at retreats as it 
was nice to do while visiting. I must add
that there is nothing more encouraging than
when others quilters want to use a 
design you've chosen. 
It seems even as a beginner I didn't stick 
with instructions. I started by  making a 
template and cutting the center of the block 
out of a set of foundation pieced strings. 

Soon, I left the foundation piecing and made 
scrap string sets and cut the template shape. 
When my retreat-mates asked for the pattern, 
I gave them one of the newsprint foundations
and they could make their blocks! 
One even used it as a guild friendship block! 
My project box still has enough to 
start another top!

I first found this in Relax and Quilt , a Leisure

arts publication. Such a favorite book, I had 

the covers laminated and got it coil bound at

an office supply store! 

This top was caught up in the last crazy layering 

day and when the need came up, it was ready to quilt! 

On that snowy Tuesday, I was able to layer two

queen sized quilts, one crib sized and the 

twin sized weave quilt. I even managed to

puzzle together 2 crib sized batts!

I think I have used up my super powers!


One lovely blogger mentioned how 

difficult it is at times to stitch 

right in the ditch. I stitched 

beside the ditch by resetting my needle position. 

I got out my ditch foot, reset the needle position and 

got most of the quilting done in one afternoon. 

I left the corner swoop to do on the center squares until the end. 

The most rewarding part of this quilt and 

the most stressful was cutting the wavy border edge. 

The first time I made this quilt, 

my inner fortitude failed me and I left the border complete. 

This time, I used the template to mark

and stitch the wave and secure the edges of

piano key border. Then I cut, ta da!

I think it is pretty adorable!
Of course these curvy edges will
need some bias binding so that is up next .
Two big triangles later and 
this lovely pile of burgundy speckled binding appeared!

Applying the binding was not too bad even with 
the bias and the curves.  I used lots of clips.

It looks pretty good!! 
The white squares were a quick quilt.
I used a lock stitch and the cutting feature
so I made sure to snip each little eyelash 
thread on the back as I went. 

The binding looks great and the curves are so interesting. 
 It is a very rewarding feeling to complete a project isn't it!

Now this little top is ready to be gifted. 

This quilt finished up at 56"  x  72". 

The delicate blue print on the back is charming too!

Stay safe and sew on !
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  1. Congratulations on a fabulous scrappy finish, Deb!! I think you were very brave to do a curvy border edge. It turned out perfectly!

  2. Great quilt finish, scalloped borders and all, Deb!!! It's a lot like my RSC block I'm doing this year. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!!!

    1. Thank you for hosting! I really enjoy the linky party!

  3. oh I do like the wavy border - very nice

  4. OOOOH! I love your scrappy quilt and the curvy border is just perfect!

    1. Thanks, I do a curved corner on flannel rag baby quilts sometimes too.

  5. A curvy border, that looks amazing! Thanks for sharing how you tackled it.

    1. You are very welcome. I so enjoy my blog friends!

  6. Love this quilt! I have that book, and that's the quilt I want to make from it (soon?). You really were brave to cut the border, it looks great!

  7. YES!! UFO's squirrel their way into the forefront!! this one is so lovely!! I am glad that it did!!!

    1. Yay UFO squirrels, darn little aliens! Haha!

  8. Hi Deb,
    Wow, you have made great progress. I've never made this block, but it looks great and I'm sure it is a great block to use up scraps. Thanks for linking with our Design Wall Mondays Linky Party, Hugs, Judy

    1. And goodness knows, we sure have scraps!

  9. You did such a neat job! I love the curvy piano key border so much, and I would be so intimidated to bind that. It's just beautiful. Now I'm looking at purchasing that book you like so much. What a great idea to have it laminated and bound!

    1. It is a great book, I think I have made three patterns out of it.

  10. Wow, great job finishing and I love the curves! Really sets it off! I have that book! One of the very first quilt books I ever bought, thinking I'd make that quilt on the, I never did but I still want to!!

    1. Lots of folks have the book, it is a great one!

  11. I have that book too, somewhere! When I bought the book I didn't have near the amount of scrappy strings that I do now. Once I finish some UFOs I want to tackle the string bin! This would be a great one to work on!

    1. Strings are always so much fun, I do make a big mess when I do them tho!

  12. What a lovely quilt! Even better is how you overcome your doubts and created that beautiful border! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

    1. It was a very rewarding quilt to finish!